Jessica Mae: Honorable Mentions

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Honorable Mentions

Every week I find myself falling into new habits or finding new and interesting 
things that I adore! It could be anything really, from a new recipe I try and end up falling in love
 with to the simple moments in life that you cherish more than ever. Or really just anything!
With that being said this week's honorable mentions are...(drum please)

Snowy weekend calls for a window scraper. I have someone in my life who lets me sit in the 
heated car while he brushes/scrapes all the snow off the car. I'm a lucky gal!

I'm obsessed with the TV show friends. I'm on my way to having all 10 of the seasons! D and I like to go to the DI and check out what games they have there; see if there is anything worth buying, because most have some cards missing or maybe a dice missing. When we saw this box we were pretty pessimistic about it. Figured the disc would be missing or at least really scratched. Opened the box and what do you know! It is brand new! $2.00!!! What a steal! Probably one of my best purchases in a good while.

Isn't that the cutest Christmas mug you have ever seen?! Found this at the good ole'
 Hobby Lobby. I like using Christmas mugs year round! So I've started my collection with
 mugs, but this may be my all time favorite :)

Can't get enough of these! So addicting! That's all that needs to be said about this one.

Ben and Jerry got cut out of the picture. But sweet, sweet D went and got us some late night ice cream. 
I'm usually a chubby hubby fan, but I went with red velvet cake. It's nice to have a lazy night
 every now and then scrabble, friends playing in the back ground, and 
your very own pint of ice cream!

Stay tuned for next week's honorable mentions!


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