Jessica Mae: Honorable Mentions

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Honorable Mentions

Welcome to this week's honorable mentions!
(again...just some things I found interesting or what I really liked this past week)

Game nights are so much fun! I feel like I could play card games every night. It's nice to have a night for some quality time together, just to chat and be silly. This little game is called Monopoly Deal. One of my favorites. We were searching for this game for quite awhile. We searched in several Wal-Marts and Targets, but they only had the "upscale" version of this game. Very disappointing. Ended up finding it on eBay and ordered it on there. The package came in this past week and it made my day!

Sometimes its fun to drink out of fancy glasses just for the heck of it!! 
It adds a little something to the meal. If you get take out, just put it onto your own plate and drink out of a wine glass and then you've got yourself a 5 star meal in the comfort of your own home :)

Who doesn't like getting some cupcakes?! Made strawberry cupcakes with a cream cheese icing to deliver to some people. Yum! I thought this e-card was funny, but who am I kidding??
I ate probably half a dozen ;)

I have such a cute niece. And boy does she love her ice cream. So do I! We went to get some and I asked if I could have a bite of hers. She gave me this "are you kidding?!?!" stare. Haha. No one can get in between this girl and her ice cream. Its okay though, I was very understanding...
 I don't like to share either!

Back Left-MAC's Woodwinked, Back Right-MAC's Quite Natural Paint Pot, Bottom-MACS's Espresso

I'm really digging the browns right now for my eyes. Especially these three together. I've been putting the paint pot on my lid and kind of pushing it into the crease of my eye. Then using the espresso for the crease and the woodwinked for the lid over the paint pot. The woodwinked gives it that shimmer that is perfect for the holidays! I'm sure there could be a lot more done with these, but as of right now this has been my favorite.



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