Jessica Mae: What A Day

Monday, November 5, 2012

What A Day

I would have to was just one of those days. Well it has just been one of those months. Where it has been so hard in many ways and sometimes you feel a lot of doubt. But today was the cherry on top of everything. Today most everything seemed to be going wrong, starting at about 6 am this morning. Just not really having it. I've been trying to get over this cold for two weeks now and it's just been driving me crazy! Woke up around 6 sneezing, coughing, eyes itching, and miserable. Took some medicine and fell back to sleep quickly. I woke back up around 9 something, and my left eye was swollen. What the heck?! Wasn't time to take another allergy pill so I got a cold wash cloth and and laid it over my eyes. It seemed to help, but I still looked like I was Rocky's cousin. at church we had a chili cook-off. Now I've never made chili before, but I love to cook so I thought I would give it a try. I started to follow a recipe and after browning the meat I decided to go my own way and see what sort of meaty goodness I could create. (I do have to give credit to Dallin for cooking the beef, cutting the onions, and taking care of the garlic). So while I'm getting ready, basically doing my make up to cover up my droop of an eye, I start to really smell the onion. Like really smell it. I hear Dallin kind of groaning of some sorts and sniffling a lot. Then I suddenly felt the burning of the onion in my eyes. Good grief, it was burning so bad! It must of been one juicy onion! My eyes start to water (and picture..I had just put on mascara) and black starts dripping down my face, which was making the burn worse. It got to the point where I couldn't even open my eyes. And I'm thinking to myself, this is just perfect...because being the day of the chili cook-off I still needed to get ready and put together my creation. Dallin comes in and leads me to the sink so I can wipe everything off my face. Felt so good to finally open my eyes and not feel like daggers were stabbing them. So, make up gone, swollen eye returned, and eye balls are blood shot. Ha and I'm like there's no way I'm going to church now. But long story short...we did go to church and I'm so grateful that I did. Sometimes days that are just so hard and going so just have to keep going. Get up, wipe the tears away and go. Even though my problems this morning to me seemed so big, they are really so small. And it hit me again that things are going to get better and things will be ok. I love this message from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

It's such a huge blessing to know that bigger blessings will be coming to those who wait. 
If not sooner then later. 
"It will be alright in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come."


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