Jessica Mae: 12 Things on 12/12/12

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Things on 12/12/12

Can I just share something that has nothing to do with my post?? And really has nothing to do with anything except being really catchy and you seem to find yourself humming it while giving a patient an ultrasound...oh wait, maybe it's just me...

My friend Chelsea (who has written some fabulous guest posts) shared this little obnoxious, yet entertaining, video with me. Prepare yourself. You may think you wasted a few secs. of your day!

And there it is my friends!

So this post is really going to be about something else. Actually a few something else's (make sense)?? Since it is the last month of the year, I figured I would reminisce on this past year and share 12 of my most memorable moments through pictures. One for each month!

January 2012
This is the month D and I got engaged. I went out to visit him in Idaho and he decided to take me snowboarding for my first time. I enjoy skiing, but snowboarding, now that's a different story. I was terrified! I knew this was going to be an awful day. How I knew this? Because right when we were getting off the lift I couldn't even get out of the seat. It pushed me and I fell straight onto my face. I knew I was a goner. The first try I scooted down the slope on my rear end. Needless to say, I did improve a little by the end of the day and pretty sure I will never snowboard again.

February 2012
This is when D moved to North Carolina! He thought it was so strange that what is behind us in the picture was my backyard. D would say that where I live is where he would vacation. :)

March 2012
For a Relief Society activity we went back in time. Here we are representing the 1890's, 1920's, and 1980's. Dana and I danced to the Charleston. And Lauren Mo is rocking that 80's hairstyle! 

April 2012

Again, meet my best friend Chelsea. We both have April birthdays so we like to have our own April date to celebrate! During the day we treated ourselves to a MAC makeover and pedicures. We then went to a restaurant on the river front called The George (soooo good). Then for dessert we went to a local fondue restaurant called The Little Dipper. I recommend BOTH for anyone who decides to pay a visit to Wilmington. :)

May 2012
Big fans of Cinco De Mayo!

June 2012

Beach everyday!! I just love laying there with the sun beating down on me and my
 feet dug into the sand. Good grief I miss it!!

July 2012

WE GOT MARRIED!!!! Enough said...7/14/12

August 2012

Moved into our first apartment! Small and cozy. Perfect for the two of us!

September 2012

 We hiked up Stewart Falls for Labor Day. The water was freezing! But everyone else was doing it! We are excited for the warm weather to come back so we can start hiking again!

October 2012
First pumpkin :)

Our first Halloween together and we went as the Mafia. We decided this costume about a hour before the party. I'm usually on top of Halloween costumes, but this year I slacked.

November 2012
Couldn't even move because we were soooo stuffed!

My very first homemade pumpkin pie!

December 2012
I've already done a few posts about this month so far, but again here is our first Christmas tree! We would have liked to have gotten a bigger tree, but we will be gone for most of December so we went with this little guy!

And those are some of my favorite moments from 2012! Stay tuned for my 2013 resolutions!


  1. Hey! Found your blog through the Blog Working Wednesdays blog hop! I'm a new follower...come check out my blog if you want :)

  2. Wow looks like you've had a great year! Congrats on getting married - how exciting! :)

  3. What a cute recap of your year! I found you via the working wednesdays blog hop! Always fun to find another LDS blog :)


  4. I suck at snowboarding! But, I like the cute clothes! So, skiing is easier?

    Brooke =)

  5. Woah, woah, woah!!!! You're from NC? Is that the Raleigh Temple I see in your wedding photo? I'm an NC girl as well. We need to talk :-)

    1. I am from NC! :) And that is the Raleigh temple!

  6. Your wedding pictures are so pretty!


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