Jessica Mae: 5 MONTHS!

Friday, December 14, 2012


Today is our 5 month anniversary! 
I know that seems like nothing, but to us time has gone by so fast! I can't believe that it has already been this long. To think in a month it will be half a year! Now that sounds a lot longer than 5 months. We've already done a lot in these last months.

-We moved across the US by ourselves...drove that is (CAN I JUST SAY AWFUL)
- Moved into our first place together!
- Bought our first car!
- Both got jobs within the first month of living here
- I started this blog :)
- D got all A's at BYU!

He is a HUGE soccer dude!

I feel like I've posted a lot of wedding pictures lately...oh well! They are fun to look through!


  1. YAY! Happy 5 months!
    Our 9 month anniversary is on Sunday and I cannot believe how fast time has gone by.

    Your wedding pictures are so pretty!

    1. Seriously, it seems like yesterday we just got married! And thank you!

  2. Happy anniversary! Love that railroad pic. So cute!
    Found you through the hop and am your newest follower,

  3. You two have done a TON in the past five months!!

    Did you know your email isn't attached to your blog. (so when you comment on other people's blogs, they can't reply back to you)

    Here's how to do that if you're interested :-) BLOGGER ACCOUNTS: To do this, click on your Dashboard, click on EDIT PROFILE and place a checkmark next to SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS, and finally scroll to the bottom and click SAVE PROFILE

    (Unless you have Google + and then it's a totally different let me know if you have that)

    Where did you live in NC before moving out to Provo?

  4. Finally!! I'm seeing wedding pics for the first time:) congrats girl! Hope all is well. Xoxo


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