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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Films in 2013

There are so many good movies coming out in 2013! 
Here are the ones I'm most looking forward to!

Man of Steel, June 14th

First off, the trailer itself is amazing. It gives you a peak inside of how truly amazing Man of Steel is going to be. The trailer, with help from epic music and footage, helps separate this movie from past adaptations of Superman. I am a big fan of when films bring in new faces, such as Henry Cavill. We all know this movie is in good hands with Christopher Nolan at the wheel. Who doesn't love any movie he has produced?!

Star Trek Into Darkness, May 17th

I really enjoyed the first Star Trek, starring Chris Pine. Not saying this one will be better, but I'm still ready for it! Never watched the tv show, but I sure do like Chris Pine as Captain Kirk. I also think Zachary Quinto makes a pretty good Spock.

Iron Man 3, April 26th

This trailer opens our eyes to a side of Tony Stark that we have yet to see. With his usual witty and sarcastic humor in his previous films; we are introduced to a more darker side of him in Iron Man 3. Can I just mention that this movie was filmed in my hometown, Wilmington, NC. Again why Wilmington is one the best cities out there!

The Great Gatsby, May 10th

This adaptation will certainly give a new, fresh twist to the classic novel we all adored in high school. Baz Luhrmann (director) will breathe magic into this star studded movie. As usual, his films serve as eye candy for the audience with their intricate sets, colorful detailed costumes, and his wonderful choice of actors to bring the story alive. The contemporary music that the trailer is set to, along with the back drop of the 1920's era, really sets a contemporary mood for this film.

Despicable Me 2, July 9th

This trailer makes me laugh so hard! Enough said.

Safe Haven, February 8th

I love all Nicholas Spark books! Mostly because they are based in North Carolina and he lives a hour away from my home ;) I also like Julianne Hough a lot. Sometime I pretend she is my twin. Safe Haven was filmed 30 mins from where I live. Seems to be a good chick flick. Yay!

If you get a chance go check these films out next year! I for sure am!


  1. I can't wait for The Great Gatsby! It's going to be great!

    New follower!

  2. I can't wait for The Great Gatsby!! It looks so good! And Iron Man 3 has to be great as well :)

    1. I'm so excited for both of them! Midnight premieres here I come!! :)

  3. I found you through the Facebook, Twitter and Blog hop! I am very excited for Man of Steel and The Great Gatsby because it was one of my favorite books!

    I look forward to getting to know you better and reading more!

    Brittany Michelle

  4. Hi Jessica, I found you at the blog hop over at Little Inspirations. Following you now and would love to have you follow my blog as well. Please leave a comment so I'd know you stopped by. Thank you in advance!

    Labrijoy @ Reality Strikes Mommy

  5. OH MY GOSH! I can not WAIT for Man of Steel!!!!!

    1. It seriously looks like it is going to be amazing!!

  6. Hey! New to all this but following through the blog hop hosted on Life in a break down! Would love you to follow back :)

  7. I've just been thinking about how many good movies are coming out/have come out this month that I need to go see! It's gonna be hard to keep up this year, it looks like! The husband and i will be seeing the Hobbit this weekend, that's for sure!

  8. I have to admit, I am most excited for despicable me! hahaha! Loving your blog!

    1. Haha me too actually! And thanks so much! I really like yours as well!!

  9. followed via the bloghop - follow back !:)


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