Jessica Mae: Honorable Mentions

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Honorable Mentions

This weeks honorable mentions...

MAC Lipstick-Glaze

Love my MAC lipstick. Especially this color!!

So excited for Les Miserables to come to the theaters, December 25th. 
I've never read the book and thanks to Kiersten, now I can.

There is this Mexican restaurant in Provo that we just love! I like a good authentic Mexican restaurant. Just so happens that the first one we tried out was the one we fell in love with. It's called El Gallo Giro. I definitely recommend it!

I love when we get to baby-sit our dear niece Lizzy. She is soooo cute! We took her to the mall to look at the Christmas decorations set up and she went crazy when she saw this poster of Rudolph. We ended up coming back to it several times so she could say hi to him. She had a blast!

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