Jessica Mae: Surprise!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


What a good weekend. D's birthday was actually Friday the 7th. The past few weeks I've been trying to decide what to do for his birthday. Take him to dinner and a movie?? Go on a fun double date?? Just do a family party??  After thinking and thinking I chose all of them! (sort of)
The night of his actual birthday we went out to eat. We had a gift card which made it even better.

We went to Los Hermanos in Provo. Way good Mexican food. El Gallo Giro is still at the top of my list, but Los Hermanos takes a close second. We really enjoyed eating there, even though we were put at this table that was randomly put in the middle of all of these other booths. Felt out of place haha, like any time a waiter came by they were going to walk right into us.

what a stud!

After dinner we went over to his brother's house to hang out and play some games. Recently, we have become big fans of the game settlers of catan! The strategy of it all and with this group it can get intense. I have no idea why, but it was the best time playing that game Friday night. We played twice {can I just say I won the first one} Pretty proud of it actually!! Had some cake and ice cream and of course sang happy birthday to him. 

Saturday was the big day! The plan was to throw him a surprise birthday that night, but to Dallin we were going on a double date to go see Skyfall. I've never thrown a surprise party before so I wanted this one to be perfect! It worked out for me to set up and have anything ready because he had to work 4-7. Gave me enough time for my scheming to come together! D is a huge Chelsea FC fan (which is soccer). I thought I would be cheesy and make it a soccer themed party with Chelsea colors and decor. Thanks to Kiersten for all of the help setting up :) So at 7 I went to go pick him up from work, I told him to bring clothes to change into there since we had to hurry to our movie. On the way there, a little past our apartment, I panicked and said I bought all of these goodies to bring to the movie for his birthday and can we please just turn around and get them. I tried to stay relatively close to our place so it wouldn't be that big of a deal to just stop and run in and get them. We pulled in and he said he would go in and grab everything, so he was on his way in and I ran out of the car telling him I forgot to use the restroom before I left and it would take just a minute. That's when it all happened, he walked in and SURPRISE!!!

I got in contact with some of his high school buddies and one of his best friends from his church mission in South Africa. His siblings were there and some good friends from the ward. He was so happy to see all of them! He loved the decorations, we had so much food there, and he had a great time catching up with everyone. 

It looked so good in person!

Chelsea colors and homemade Chelsea banner.

So cute!

Not even half of the food we had there! This was before everyone else came!

It looks like a Christmas tree :)

Needless to say it was a good night. Surprise birthday party was a great success!


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