Jessica Mae: Ying Yang

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ying Yang

Christmas is here! So time for work Christmas parties (which I work in a physical therapy office). This year the boss man decided to take us to the restaurant  The Melting Pot. I had never been there, but I have been to a fondue restaurant before and fondue is amazing! I loved it! So much food and they just keep bringing it out. D and I had ourselves a good time with my fellow co-workers and their spouses. The night was full of us laughing and overall joking around. 

D and I wore some way cute outfits! I was so overwhelmed with the food I forgot to snap some shots :) It's a good excuse to dress back up for a date night and take a picture of our stunning outfits! Who am I kidding?? A picture? Probably at least 10. If you have a pretty penny to drop on a good meal then The Melting Pot is where I recommend! 

Chocolate fondue! Who would pass this up?


  1. Wow, that looks so cool! I've always heard that they are good--but also on the expensive side!

    1. Yes they are! Thank goodness we were treated to it :)

  2. Nice to see another Carolina girl in the blog world :)


    1. Carolina girls are the best in the world ;)


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