Jessica Mae: October 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! The costumes, haunted houses, scary movies, and treats! I love the excitement of it all. We've had a lot of fun this spooky Halloween season. 

Some of the fun things we have done this past month! Mary came to visit us from North Carolina. It was so nice to see a face from home. We went to the strangling brothers haunted circus. Which was by far one of the best haunted houses I've ever been to! It just messed with our minds so much and it was just so trippy! Dallin and I went to a couple of BYU football games which are always a lot of fun! They won both games we went to and we had a blast singing the victory cheer and wearing our BYU gear. I love sports atmospheres and all of the fun and excitement! We also went to Dallin's brother's wedding. He got married on October 12, 2012 so we went up to Rexburg for that. Nice to go back to Dallin's hometown. It was a beautiful wedding and they both looked great! It was nice to hang out with fam. Had lots of food and so much sweets! The other night we had some friends over and carved our first Halloween pumpkin together. It actually turned out really well. A bat in the moon! Who would of thought? Team work is the best!

Tonight is Halloween and our plans for tonight are going to be quite exhilarating. Going to rent a scary movie (or just watch Casper) and go to J-Dawgs and get us a dang good hot dog. Then hope we have some trick or treaters. I bought some candy just in case we get some, doubt we will, but that means more candy for us! So be safe and have fun! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

First Post

So I'm back into the blogging world. Yippie! Tried keeping up with a blog last year and obviously it did not work out. But I'm happy to be back on the band wagon. Thanks to my new friend Madeline, as I was completely stressed about creating this blog (which yes, to me it is stressful because I had a certain look for it in my mind and had no idea how to get it on the screen) she helped me get it all together!!! Get out her blog HERE.
Starting a new life is quite interesting. Full of different surprises and for me just so much fun! But I decided to dedicate my first post to two girls I hold very close to my heart and miss very dearly. (Hayley-you owe me a letter)
First off...Hayley

What a good looking friend I have. Just to share some thoughts on Hayley...
She is...
I have known Hayley pretty much my whole life. Together through the awkward stages in life and together through the awkward stages of life. Life is just awkward. She means the world to me! Your welcome Hayley. Love you. Miss you. Be good. Eat your vegetables.


What a babe. This is the most creative fashionista and stylist you will ever meet. She is lady who will have you laughing within the first 10 minutes of being with her. This foxy lady means the world to me and has been with my through so many life changes. 46 days until I see this scrumptious face! What a catch!

Well ladies. That is my dedicated post for you two. Just keep reading my blog.

As for the world of bloggers, life experiences, kitchen messes, mix matched socks, and fairy tale stories are coming your way. Stay tuned!