Jessica Mae: 6 months and still going

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6 months and still going

So yesterday mark our 6 month anniversary! Half of a year! Wow! We are basically naturals! Ha..far from. It has definitely been so much fun though! You know, just playing house everyday. We celebrated last night by going to the Jazz vs Heat game in Salt Lake City. Went with some good friends and had ourselves a good ole' time. D supported the heat (Lebron), but I wore my Jazz gear. Jazz won! 

So we are just a goofy couple! We are always cracking jokes and laughing. It's nice we can laugh at each other's jokes. Or at least make it believable that we find each other funny. I couldn't live without laughter! It makes you live longer, or something... :) Nothing better than some favorite candid pictures!

This picture really cracks me up. D and my younger brother.

Pretty sure I'm regretting my decision right now...just kidding!

Haha...his face says it all

He's a dancer.

Ohhhh pictures...

Be back soon!


  1. You two seem so fun! I wish I still lived in Utah so we could be real life friends :)

  2. Man, you a tan woman! Love the pictures. You were beautiful. And happy 6 months!

    amanda @ we and serendipity

    1. Thanks so much! Super cute blog by the way!

  3. You two are soooo darling together-- how exciting to reach 6 months!! I just came up on a whole year of being with my bf (from 6 months to a year it goes much faster) and every day is something to be proud of!!

    So cute!!
    XO Jenna


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