Jessica Mae: How to Say I Love You...Without a Hole in Your Wallet

Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to Say I Love You...Without a Hole in Your Wallet

Valentines Day is around the corner. Seasonal isles at the grocery store are stocking the shelves more often everyday. There are lots of people who freak out about their plans for that night. What they are going to get their loved one?? Chocolate?? Diamonds?? ( they are a girl's best friend ;) ) What they are going to cook for dinner?? Where they are going OUT for dinner?? 

But sometimes we don't need all the hustle and bustle that February 14th has to offer. Sometimes we don't need the commercialism of it all. How about some good ole' fashion "good deeds"? Some more of the usual "I love you's" during the day?

Valentines Day shouldn't put people into a panic. It shouldn't stress you out. It SHOULD be full of caring, pretty much like what every single day should be like.

So some simple ways to say I LOVE YOU...

<3 Surprise him at work or school with a homemade lunch and eat it together in between two of his classes.
<3 Organize his dresser drawers. In a way where he can find what shirt he may be looking for.
<3 Watching a movie that night that he likes and one he maybe has not seen in while.
<3 Has it been awhile since some "alone" time together?? A little evening delight. ;)
<3 Leave some notes in the car when he drives to work.

<3 Have the house clean by the time she gets home from work or school.
<3 If she has been stressed out lately, a nice FULL body massage.
<3 Watching a chick flick that she really enjoys.
<3 Breakfast in bed is always fun.
<3 Leave a love note for her if you leave before she gets up.
<3 Take her out somewhere where you can see the stars and turn music up in the car and dance outside under that stars

Now I'm definitely not saying I'm against the flowers and chocolate. I'm all for that, but sometimes it's the simple gestures that mean the most.

This is the most adorable video. I love it!

Don't forget if you want to send me one of your date night ideas refer back to this post! I need a few more ideas! It can be anything :)

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  1. I love all of these ideas, Thanks for sharing! and that video is so cute!

  2. Last year we went all out for Valentines Day, and it was a lot of fun but kind of stressful! I love the idea of not spending money and just simply spending time together! Great post!

  3. Aw, I remember seeing that little video preview when I went to the movies. SO adorable! Definitely one of my favorites ;)
    xo TJ

  4. OMG this is best blog post everrr!! I just found your blog through Glam Hungry Mom and I have to say I love these ideas!!

    I am always looking for cheapie ideas and sweet ways to let my bf know I'm thinking of him :-) Shared it for my readers on Twitter & FB!! Following you now :-)

    XO Jenna

  5. Ohhh these are SUCH good ideas! Gonna be referring back to this post for sure :) And tweeting about it right now!


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