Jessica Mae: Spring Dreamin'

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spring Dreamin'

Saw these pants on the bottom of of the "pants pile" and realized how I forgot I even had these! My green pants! I bought these from Express last Spring, so when I came across them Spring fever hit me. How I'm oh so ready for warm weather, bright colors, and the blooming of flowers. This outfit isn't necessarily "Springy", but the pants are and they will now be put on top of the pile.
Just begging for Spring to arrive sooner than later. 

Ignore the wind in my un-brushed air ;)

A little green on green.

 Super obsessed with this necklace!

 46 days until SPRING!


  1. I'm definitely loving the pants! I can't wait for spring either. All the snow and cold is driving me crazy!


  2. Colored denim is such a great trend, and those green ones look fantastic on you! :)

  3. Those pants + shoes = awesome! I want spring too!!

  4. Hey girl! You look adorable in that outfit. I was going through my sponsors on my sidebar and decided it had been wayyyy too long since we've been in contact. So, I hope to read more about you and catch up and become better blogging friends! Since we are sponsoring eachother, afterall. :)

    Brani Laine

  5. YESSSS. love colored pants. love spring even more! this post just makes me happy :)

  6. omg what a CUTE outfit! I love the color of the pants and your flats are adorable! Pluuuus the necklace, plus the purse...the whole thing is fab! I'm ready for Spring too...but in Houston I guess it's already kinda here.

    Newest follower loving your blog! You are so cute. I'd love to swap buttons if you're interested :)



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