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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Versatile Blogger

Thanks so much to Mikell from Love & Such for the nomination. I think these blog awards are so fun! I'm suppose to share 7 random things about myself and whoever I nominate does the same thing!

1. Dance is a dream of mine. To perform for the rest of my life/be on SYTYCD! Latin dancing is my favorite!

2. I'm so not a morning person. I would sleep in everyday if I could. Sleep for me is a must and I get better sleep in the AM for some reason. As you can see in this picture...when I don't get sleep my eyes swell.

3. I could live off of Ritz crackers and peanut butter.

4. I've been skydiving before and it was the most amazing feeling ever!

5. I LOVE Lady Gaga!! Her concerts are so good!

6. I have always lived next to the ocean.

7. I prefer sand volleyball over indoor

I nominate...

Brooklyn from This Little Blonde
Madeline from Mads In Real Life
Kelsey from Stories of Kel
Emily from Newlywed Moments
Denise from That Girl Denise
Amanda from We and Serendipity

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