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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Glasses USA

Isn't it crazy how glasses have gone from something you only wore if absolutely necessary to a new style in and of itself?! For so long, contacts were definitely the way to go, and now, glasses seem to be the go to eye wear. This seems to be most likely because there have been so many different styles of eyeglasses over the past few years.

I actually just got a new pair of glasses, and as I have been looking around, there is a site that seems to have a lot of great choices for glasses that should satisfy just about any of your style cravings. My problem was that there wasn't a whole lot of choice in the eye doctor’s office when it came to glasses. is a great site for anyone that wants to have a TON of choice when it comes to glasses. And they have so many options on how to search for what you want. They even have a personality quiz to determine what kinds of glasses frames would fit you best!!

If you are worried at all about buying eyeglasses online (I know I was) because it’s hard to know what they will look like on you before you buy them, don’t worry! The website has the coolest feature that lets you see what the glasses look like on you before you buy them! Check this out:

I really like this site and have been using it to find a new pair myself, so I thought you guys would like taking a look at it as well!

Lookin' good right?? ;)

They offer a "110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, along with a refer-a-friend program." How fun! Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

GlassesUSA is offering you guys 10% off code so you can 
     find your new glasses! Code: Blog10

-This post does reflect my honest opinion of this website and their products.


  1. Glasses suit you! Not me, but I don't need them fortunately!

    xx kelly

    1. Aw thank you. I feel like I look really goofy haha

  2. I remember my jealous over those friends who were wearing glasses when I was kid! I like that app-kind of thing :)

    Found you through Aloha bloghop and I'm your newest follower via GFC.

    1. I was jealous of people with glasses as well! haha

  3. Great blog and glasses!
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