Jessica Mae: Spring Nails

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Nails

Yesterday I had a ME day or morning, well until D came home..which is totally fine, but it was nice having some time to do what I wanted. Woke up, immediately opened the windows and started cleaning. Like really cleaning. Scrub down everything, places you wouldn't even think of. It was actually quite nice. Turn my music on and get to work. 

My choice of the day was Lady Gaga Pandora station (pretty disappointing today, played maybe 3 LG songs). If you didn't know already..I love Lady Gaga! But Pandora was not on point today.

Thanks to Chelsea for this fabulous gift! add to my me time...I did my nails! A little Spring design? Next time I will go for a lighter blue though.

I just used a really small paint brush and a toothpick.
The first layer and let dry.
Then the pink and the green leaves; let dry.
Then a white dot with a toothpick!

 My choice of colors...

4 days until Spring!


  1. I love LG, as does my girlfriend. I think she's pretty darn rad. :D

    Undecided Answer

    1. She's so good! I've only seen one concert and would love to see another!

  2. LOVE floral nails! I might have to have some "me" time this weekend too!:-) xoxo

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