Jessica Mae: Let it Rain

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let it Rain

I absolutely love the rain. Yesterday was a rainy day and it made me smile. It reminds me of home. I just love how it will be hot and sunny then suddenly a Summer storm rolls through for 20 minutes, then it is back to being sunny. Or when we would be on the beach and see a rain storm move across the ocean. Love it.

~A little DIY project~
 I love rain boots, but sometimes they can be quite pricey. I bought these from Wal-Mart for less than $10 and I bought some paint for about $5. Seems like a deal to me! Hand paint some flowers or whatever design that is desired!

Let it rain, let it rain,
Let you love rain down on me
-Eric Clapton


  1. okay first of all, is that you in those pictures?! your legs girl..!! legs for days! HOT!

    those boots are so cute i love them!

  2. So cute, these pictures are amazing. :)

  3. Hi I'm Danae over at http://www.weekendwaitress.comI just stumbled across yourblog and love it. Those rain boots are too cute, I have a pair of plain black ones I might have to redecorate them!

    1. Thanks so much! It's super easy and you can do whatever which is nice!

  4. My kids keep asking me why they have cute rain boots, and Mom has none! I seriously need to get some and make them cute!! Great idea!

  5. I do not like rain boots, but this post made me change my mind! They can easily become very cute! great idea!

    Zina (

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