Jessica Mae: MOVE

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Good grief. I hate getting behind in posts. This past week the days have been going by so fast. Why?! Because we are moving!! Next Wednesday to be exact and I cannot wait. Our apartment looks like it did when we first moved in. It's a maze of boxes and everything that was on the walls. There's one path that leads from the front door to the bedroom. Living like this gives me anxiety so I'm ready to be done. 

We are staying in the same area, but getting something bigger AND it has a washer and a dryer. I cannot tell you how excited I am for that. That is definitely one thing I took for granted. Moving is like a fresh start. I can pack everything up and then while unpacking I can get rid of things that have no purpose. You know the things you thought you would use again, but it never saw the daylight since the day it was bought.

So that's why there has been a lull in posts. Packing and more packing. I also had my allergies turn into a sinus infection which has not helped the situation. Wish us luck!

PS-This past weekend we went down to Gateway Mall to watch  Dallin's brother jump. 
He is pretty amazing. 

and we looked at some cool sidewalk chalk drawings...



  1. hope the move goes well. Wow...... jumping huh? cool.

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah he is a world wide champion for jump roping! Pretty cool :)


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