Jessica Mae: Red, White, Blue

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Red, White, Blue

Wow. Not having internet really puts a damper on things when you like to blog. We moved on Monday. It was a success, but the only bummer is that the internet doesn't kick in until next week! What?! So I'm having to bum off friends and family. So to catch up on things...

My 4th of July was great. Lots of fun and lots of food. We woke up early to make a big breakfast with some other people and quickly headed off to the parade. Which here is a way bigger deal than I realized. People started camping out the morning before. Next year I'll be better prepared. We had a good spot, but we were standing, which in my opinion I thought was totally fine.

After the parade we went and bought HUGE sparklers, got cherry limeades, and started preparing our contributions to the cook out -(which is BBQ to Utah people, BBQ to me is getting actual BBQ out of a pig on the table aka pig-pickin). 

I made a fruit "basket". I had a handle on the watermelon, but ended up cutting it off. Wasn't a big fan of it. Kiersten made a super cute American flag out of rice crispy treats. After some food, horse shoes, and scooter races we went and watched the stadium of fire fireworks. This year's 4th of July= :)

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  1. I watched the fireworks also at byu during efy this year. They were awesome

    1. They were really good! I was quite impressed :)

  2. Such a cool fruit basket! That's awesome!


  3. I think your watermelon turned out great!


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