Jessica Mae: Blog Ideas For A Week

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blog Ideas For A Week

For all the bloggers out you ever have those days where you have no idea what to write about? Your post ideas are on empty at the moment. That definitely happens to me. I have some post ideas that I use for those lulls. Not that they are low-quality posts, but they are almost filler posts that keep the week full.

So here are my ideas for a full week of ideas!

#1-Have "weekly" posts. Posts that you do every week on a certain day. For instance, sometimes I like to do a post called Wednesday Wanting. A post where I show items of clothing that I want. It just shows different outfit ideas for readers and is basically a bookmark for me if I want to go back and purchase one of the items.

#2- Write a post of a good workout you did that week. As for me, I'm always looking for an alternative to my daily workout, like if you have a good 20 minute ab workout or a certain running technique. It's an easy last minute, yet interesting post!

#3- Going along with the workout one, you can always put some songs together and post a favorite playlist. A playlist that has you pumped the whole workout, or a love playlist, or a flashback playlist.

#4- Share some recommendations! I am a big review person. If I want to try a new restaurant, I ALWAYS check out the reviews. So if you have your favorite places or restaurants in your hometown or even places you have visited, I'm sure others would love to find out about those!

#5- Do a post of all gifs! Like I like to use in mine sometimes! They are fun and can give a good laugh.

#6- Do a throwback Thursday! Get a favorite post from 1 year ago and post it again! I'm sure readers might have forgotten about it or I'm sure you have new readers who would love to see that post!

#7- Share a family recipe. You don't necessarily need to post pictures. It will be an easy post because you don't have to make up a recipe or try to find one. Share a family favorite!

Hope it helps!


  1. Thank you for this!! I am currently going through a serious post block!

    Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole

  2. Hahaha, the guy on the treadmill is totally me at the gym.

    1. That picture makes me laugh because that is me to! Haha

  3. This is awesome! Last week I jotted down blog ideas, these will definitely be included in my list. :)

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

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