Jessica Mae: Throwback Thursday-Make Yourself Happy

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday-Make Yourself Happy

So it has been such a busy week for me. I haven't even been able to write any posts. So I'm going to do a throwback Thursday to a post a wrote last year. I got back some positive response for it so hopefully those of you who have not read it will enjoy it!!


Ever have those days where you're just so mad at the world? Or maybe a day where you feel so down about a lot of things? I've had quite a few of those days. Especially after moving out here to Utah. I left my family, I left my friends, I left my job. I would wake up sad and I would fall asleep sad. Honestly I felt so alone, even though I wasn't alone at all.

I've figured out some things that have helped me with keeping myself happy on a 
day where I really just wasn't that happy.

1. Start my day early. I'm so not a morning person, but I've realized that when I get up early and start being productive, it really gets my day off to a good start. Make myself some tea, eat some breakfast, and maybe curl my hair :) I'm able to get more done during the day which leaves more free time (me time) to do what I enjoy.

2. Make a meal. Baking/cooking makes me happy. I get excited over meals! When I plan a delicious dinner I feel all warm inside..I know, strange. There's just something about making a homemade meal that puts a smile on my face. Possibly the fact that I actually made it so it's fun to gloat about it to myself. I put some Celine Dion on and just cook away.

3. Pamper. I mentioned in #1 about curling my hair. I tend to feel uplifted when my hair is curled. I feel dainty when I paint my nails. I feel unstoppable when I wear my favorite outfit. For me, when it's a bad day pampering myself is one of the last things I want to do. Usually it is worth the effort :)

4. Plan. It's similar to when I was in high school. You look forward to the breaks, it makes the days with tests seem more bearable. I look forward to trips and fun date nights that are ahead. For instance, this past Christmas, when work days were busy I just thought to myself...only 1 more month until I get to go home! It would get me almost giddy during the days, knowing that I was so close to going home. It can also be as simple as planning a fun craft. Finding something on Pinterest and realizing, hey! I can actually make that tends to be quite the excitement.

5. Serving others. My whole life I've been taught that serving others is serving God. Many leaders in my church have talked about how important service is for others. I get happy when I see that others are happy. Sometimes when we are helping someone else we are really helping ourselves.

They may seem like silly things, but they work for me. Nobody wants a bad day, but a lot of times we just can't help it. Lets stay optimistic friends!!


  1. I love this post and that is THEEE Prettiest picture of you! I saw it and thought it was Kate Hudson! You're a beaut!

    1. You are seriously so sweet! That means a lot!! :)

  2. what a great post!!! thank you for sharing this! :)

  3. Loved this post! Baking is my therapy. My roommates used to come home and see baked goods and say "What happened?" something about baking is good for my soul :)

    1. Thank you sweet girl! Baking is definitely a stress reliever for me! Roommates may ask questions, but husbands definitely do not ;)

  4. Great advice! I always think I want to sleep in, but feel so much better when I actually get up with time to really get ready for the day.

    1. It's definitely something that's hard to get used to for me. But those days when I have a plan I always feel better haha

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