Jessica Mae: Men's Fall Fashion-Part I (I'm married to Ben Affleck)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Men's Fall Fashion-Part I (I'm married to Ben Affleck)

First off, can we give a round of applause to this stellar guy for letting me pick out his outfit and take pictures. I've been wanting to do a little men's fashion for a while now. Dallin, who is my husband by the way, has great taste in clothes. So it's not too hard to pick out an outfit for him because it is most likely going to be something he enjoys wearing. 

Ummm...celebrity look-a-like?! I think YES! They even have matching outfits! Funny thing is..he got mistaken for Ben Affleck once at Disneyland. A group of girls ran over to him asking to take a picture with them :) I didn't really see it, but I once I was looking through these pictures I definitely could see it!


  1. haha holy ben affleck. for real though. What a good sport!!

  2. Omg, that first collage pic was 2 different pics of Ben Affleck!! That is too funny!!

  3. Replies
    1. It's what they get for being a blogger's husband! Right?! ;)

  4. Wow he really does!! That's so cute that he let you do this!

  5. This is just TOO funny. Love it!


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