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Monday, October 28, 2013



Friday was the BYU game against Boise. Such a fun game! We had the chance to baby-sit our niece so we brought her along. I've never seen such a young enthusiastic BYU fan like this one. As we are surrounded with other BYU fans walking up to the stadium, she is on Dallin's shoulders shouting "BYU! BYU!" "Go cougars!" We ended up sitting right in front of Dallin's aunt and uncle. Out of all the seats we could have sat in, that's where we ended up! How funny?! BYU won :)

Saturday Day

So let me give you guys a little previous information before I explain Saturday. 

Two Sundays ago we were up in Rexburg for the weekend. The Sunday we were leaving I was standing in my in-laws kitchen (standing, not running, playing any sport, just standing) and I turn to walk in the other direction, as I do several times a day, everyday. I felt this snap my knee. It didn't really hurt, it just felt so strange. The next day I woke up with it swollen, bruised, and overall just a lot of pain. 

I work at a physical therapy office, so my boss had me schedule appointments to see if that would help. Nope definitely did not. All week my knee ached. It would give out on me 5-10 times a day. I couldn't straighten it all of the way and I couldn't bend it all of the way. I went to the doctor last Tuesday. He scheduled me to get a MRI. Went in Wednesday morning and got a MRI. Wednesday afternoon he called to tell me that I have torn my meniscus.

So yes...I've been active my whole life and one small tweak in my knee and it caused me to have surgery. What?! I have surgery in two days! Can you believe it?! I've never had surgery before and I'm so nervous. I've been trying to play it cool, but deep down I'm thinking of the fact that I have to be put under and that scares the mess out of me!

Anyways...back to Saturday. Many of you may know, but I had a half marathon on Saturday that I signed up for months ago. Obviously when I found out what happened I was so upset because I knew there was no way I could run my race. The morning of the race I woke up to help Dallin get ready because he was still running it. I became super stubborn and decided to go with him and do my race. I knew I couldn't run the whole thing, but I was going to get through it. Surprisingly I ran the first 6 miles straight, but after that is when I realized why I shouldn't have done the race. I finished in 3 hours, which I figured I would be the last over the finish line. I had to walk/job the rest of the way. But I did it! And after it was done I was so happy that I still did it! Such a big accomplishment for the both of us, this being my second and Dallin's first. I'm so happy we were able to do this together.

Saturday Night

We had a Halloween party Saturday night. We both were limping around, but we still had a good time. Costume this year....

Kevin and Russell from UP! 

I absolutely loved making these costumes. We won best couple costume :)


  1. Your costumes are so adorable! Good luck on your surgery!

  2. I love love love your halloween costumes. They made my night when you were posting them on Saturday! I can't believe you still ran that race! You're a champion!

    1. Haha I still can't believe I ran it! Hope everything is going well! :) PS-girls nigh!

  3. Looks like a really fun day :) Love the costumes!

    Laura xx

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  4. I'm a UofU girl myself, but I've been to a few BYU football games as well. They can be a lot of fun!

    1. I just love any sports atmosphere! It's always so fun!


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