Jessica Mae: HANAair Professional Hair Dryer

Monday, November 4, 2013

HANAair Professional Hair Dryer

I hope all of you had a great weekend! Today I want to share the best professional hair dryer that I have ever used! Seriously! I've only ever owned a $15 hand sized hair dryer. Yes, it would dry my hair just fine, but Misikko's HANAair professional hair dryer worked wonders! I was a little worried it would be heavy by looking at its size, but it was very lightweight. It wasn't loud either like most dryers can be. It dried my hair faster than any other hair dryer has dried my hair before. I was thoroughly impressed with their hair dryer! 

I also used their HANA shine shield thermal protectant. "Shine Shield is a thermal serum that can be used as a leave-in conditioner - lightweight and never greasy, it protects and strengthens hair whether you use it with a flat iron, hair dryer or alone". You can apply this on wet or dry hair. I put it in my hair when it was still wet. My hair felt so soft when I was done drying it. No lie. It was amazing.

Misikko also sells flat irons, curling irons, and other salon products. Their products are voted top products from their customers. Go check them out and be sure to like them on Facebook! There are frequently having giveaways and be the first to know of any deals they are offering for their site! Thank you Misikko! I absolutely love my new hair dryer!

Everything said in this post is my true and honest opinion of these products.


  1. I've heard wonderful things about this hair dryer!!

  2. I never blow dry my hair but i've heard good things about this one!

    1. Yeah I usually air dry, but this was seriously so fast I may start blow drying it more :)

  3. I want to do a product review for them so bad. I'm too cheap to buy nice things ;) haha. Looks SO nice!


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