Jessica Mae: Why I Blog

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Why I Blog

In October of 2012, my blog adventure began. I started my blog to satisfy my craving for a creative outlet. With a number of abandoned blogs under my belt, I had every intention to actually stick with this blog. As I wrote about my passions, and posted fabulous pictures (that were stamped with my approval), I realized that this blog was a keeper. As my blog began to bloom, I was instantaneously introduced to the “blogging world”. In no time at all, I became aware of every “big blogger” name. I didn’t know that being a fashion blogger was an actual craft/profession. Sometimes, I feel that blogging can be a little “keeping up with the Joneses”; one must always have the latest and greatest item. Since fashion is one of my passions, I find this ideology quite brilliant. However, this is not the reason why I started blogging. While I have a deep affection for acquiring the freshest must-haves of the season, this is not why I created my blog. I blog to spread happiness and strive to share my passions with the world. I didn’t start blogging to see how fast I could gain followers. Now, don’t get me wrong! I love seeing the progress I have made over the past year. I take pride in the fact that I have accomplished all of this by myself. But most of all, I didn’t start blogging to be someone that wasn’t me. My blog is a genuine representation of who I am as a person, inside and outside. Sometimes, I have to step back and remember that I do this for me. Not only does blogging allow me to appreciate my true self, but it also enables me to celebrate my individuality. I am not trying to prove that I am superior than others, and I will never succumb to the blogging world’s competitive nature. We always must remember why we start doing something because it can lead us to accomplish exceptional things. My “why” fuels me to illustrate to the world my true-self, quirks and all. 

Just something I wanted to share :)


  1. Love this. My blog changed my entire outlook on my own life and made me a far better person than I was previously. People can really underestimate the power of the blog!

  2. I love this post jess! I have been feeling the same way about blogging as of late. I feel like it's so competitive and no matter how hard I try, I'll never have the best photos, the most likes, or the most followers. I strive for my blog to be a complete reflection of ME and nothing else! I have loved being able to interact with so many other Utah bloggers, you being one of them! We definitely need to have another bblogger get-together soon and focus on the reasons why blogging is awesome, no compete with each other! XOXO Courtney

  3. I love why i blog posts. It is always interesting for me to read what other people think about blogging. It's also a good reminder for me to remember why I blog. I need to figure out my blog goals for the new year, and this is the perfect post to help me start.

  4. Very nicely put! I think I'll do one of these :)

  5. I enjoyed reading about your purpose for starting your blog and agree wholeheartedly with your philosophy. I always try to stay true to who I am by infusing my post with my personality. Best wishes in the new year,


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