Jessica Mae: Store Sales Going on Now

Friday, January 10, 2014

Store Sales Going on Now

It's Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday.
Anyone else miss that song?
didn't think so.

As I stated yesterday I want to do nothing all weekend, but that definitely will not be the case. Lots of things to catch up on. House chores for one. Maybe I'll take down my Christmas. (YES! I know, I know). It will be done this weekend. We found some $5 bins at Wal-Mart to finally store things properly instead of putting everything into garbage bags. #poorcollegestudents

The weekend is also a good time for shopping :)
Here are some of my favorite sales going on right now....

Can't pass up Bath & Body Works' SEMI-ANNUAL SALE! I look forward to this one. Everything is so cheap and I can find what I like for $2-$3 :)

Victoria's Secret is also having their big SEMI ANNUAL SALE

15% OFF SALE at Macy's

Old Navy has a few different SALES going on now!

Banana Republic is holding their WINTER SALE now.


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