Jessica Mae: Eating Healthy for the Busy

Monday, February 10, 2014

Eating Healthy for the Busy

Sorry for being MIA last week. Sometimes life gets super busy and you need to play catch up. Yes that was me all last week. Life has been quite busy lately. 

Eating healthy is a difficult thing. I've been so much better at it the last few months. No I'm not perfect. Yes I mess up, but for the majority I'm doing pretty good. My biggest problem with eating healthy is the "social aspect" of it all. Anytime there is a family get together or we have friends over it is not very healthy. Snacks, soda, and sweets. The evil S's! But hey, one can only do their best.

I wanted to share some things on how I eat healthy.

1. Plan ahead. Have veggies cut up at the beginning of the week and bagged. During the week you can just grab what you want. It makes the choice of grabbing crackers or carrots much easier.

2. Stay busy. If I'm continually doing something, i.e. homework, housework, gym, I'm more likely to not sit on the couch and eat junk. Especially going to the gym. I go to the gym every night during the week and it really helps with not having those sweet cravings at night.

3. Green smoothies. Green smoothies are SO good for you. They will keep you full and that way you are getting tons on fruits and veggies and not bad carbs and fat. Again, go ahead and have the greens and fruits bagged, that way you can just dump them in the blender and call it a day.

4. NO PROCESSED FOODS.  I stay away from the frozen meals and anything that has to be microwaved. Go with natural and go with plant-based!

5. Be adventurous. Haven't tried a green smoothie? Try it! Haven't roasted veggies in coconut oil? Try it!

6. House cleanse. Go through your house and throw away everything that you don't consider "healthy". It's much easier to keep away from those unhealthy treats and snacks when they aren't readily available!

What are some ways you stay healthy???


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