Jessica Mae: Beach Ready

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beach Ready

Happy Thursday! First off! Notice a difference around here?? Yes I gave myself a make over. And I love it! I wanted something cleaner and simple and it turned out exactly how I imagined. If you are looking for a new design, I'm offering 10% off a full design with 2 free add ons! This offer will last for 2 weeks! If you are interested, head over to my design page!

I cannot stop thinking about Summer and everything that I want to do! I definitely want to go to a beach this Summer! It's hard to do that while living in Utah, but I will try to get somewhere! I don't count going to a lake as the same thing as going to the beach. Oh I miss you so much.

If I was going to the beach tomorrow, this is what I would bring!

Beach Ready

One Piece- J.Crew (on sale!)
Two Piece- Top Shop
Bag- Yoox
Sunglasses- Street Moda
Towel- Amara
Sandals- Gap

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  1. I love your new design! So true about beaches and Utah, and for the most part, what lakes they have aren't even very beachy at all!



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