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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bohemian Fashion

Happy Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness! Today one of my sponsors is going to share her take on bohemian fashion. I will definitely have to agree with her that I also love this look!

Make sure you check out Denise at The Lovely Bohemian!


Hi all! I’m Denise from The Lovely Bohemian! As you can tell by my blog name, I love all things bohemian. I recently uprooted my (comfortable/boring) life and moved to LA. I was a huge change for me that I couldn’t be happier about! I’ve never felt more free.
Since I’ve been in LA, I’ve been noticing that being “bohemian” is not so uncommon. I’m LOVING the boho fashion that’s out right now! I can’t get enough of these looks!

I love the way of life that’s associated with the terms “gypsy” and “free-spirit”. I wish I could live my life traveling around the world, meeting all kinds of different people. Is it weird that my ideal life would include not having a home but instead traveling from place to place without a care in the world? I would gladly sell off everything I had if it meant I could roam the world forever.

I’ve only been in LA for 8 months, but I absolutely LOVE it here. The freedom that comes with knowing only a handful of people knows my name and my story. There’s so much to do and see. Adventure around every corner. I can’t wait to see more of this great city and finally fulfill my lifelong dream of being truly bohemian.


  1. I'm loving her style! That skirt is gorgeous!


  2. Love these light and airy looks for spring!

  3. I wish I could just travel too. That would be the dream.
    Pretty Lovely

  4. you gotta love this style is so easy and natural. I dig it


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