Jessica Mae: Birthday Wish List

Friday, April 4, 2014

Birthday Wish List

My birthday is next week and I always like to put together a fun wish list! Whether or not I get anything it's always fun to wish!

1. Balloons are ALWAYS fun on birthdays.
2. Bath & Body Works has the best candles!
3. Target gift card :)
4. I don't expect flowers are special occasions, but I love being surprised with them.
5. Ok, I've wanted Princess & The Frog for the longest time! I love this movie.
6. MAC lipstick is my favorite.
7. I've been wanting a nice chair for my living room for awhile now. Doesn't have to be new, but this one from Target I love!
8. A BIKE! 

Untitled #7

Chair- Target
Lipstick- MAC


  1. Every time I see furniture at target, I'm seriously blown away by how much I actually really like it, especially their chairs!


  2. Cute wish list! My husband and I got hybrid mountain/road bikes for our first wedding anniversary and it turned into a whole new hobby for us.

  3. Yay! My birthday is next week too! Happy early birthday! We just opened a bike and carry those types of bikes at a very reasonable price! It would be a fun to make a night out of it, dinner maybe?

    Let me know. The shops name is Loyal Cycle Co. IG- @loyalcycleco
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