Jessica Mae: Spring Sandals

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Sandals

We southern girls always have out toes painted. At least that's what my mom would always tell me. So anytime I have sandals or flip flops on, I ALWAYS have my toes painted :)

I actually don't even like shoes. I would go barefoot everywhere if I could. It's how I grew up. Living at the beach we always went without shoes. When I life-guarded, we always went without shoes. Sure you show up in your rainbows(flip flops), but then you ditch them as soon as you hit the sand. Some people think I'm crazy when I walk around barefoot on the burning hot sand or the hot pavement. 

However, being that I'm not at the beach anymore; I need sandals. Sandals are something that we all need in every single color ;) Yess??? There are so many great picks at Aeropostale right now. Most of them are on sale! They also have a huge selection of Spring attire. Go stock up now!

Cardigan- c/o Aeropostale
Top- c/o Aeropostale
Sandals- c/o Aeropostale
Sunglasses- c/o Aeropostale
Wallet- Target(on sale!)


  1. Super cute!! Thank God for spring!!

  2. Love the spring colors you've got going on here!

    Pretty Lovely

    1. Thank you! I just want everything bright! haha

  3. Adorable outfit! I love that shirt! :)

  4. I am loving how much this entire outfit screams spring!


  5. Love the outfit, the pale pink colors are my favorite!



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