Jessica Mae: Coral OBSESSED

Thursday, May 1, 2014


So I've done quite a few outfits lately wearing coral.  I wanted to share some of my coral outfit ideas for this Summer. I love this color! It's a go-to color for me in the Spring and Summer. It's bright and it's fun!

To see the whole outfit post,just click under each picture!

                                         this outfit here                                                           this outfit here

                                           this outfit here                                                              this outfit here


  1. I too am coral obsessed - it's the perfect color! Love the blazer in the last photo! xoxo Danielle @ For the Love of Leopard

  2. Such a perfect color! I love it for spring and summer :)
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  3. You look so stunning in coral. Good choice. I am that way but with mint. I am trying to branch out. haha

  4. You look amazing in coral!!! Seriously it is your colour girl!!


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