Jessica Mae: Running Shoes for Summer!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Running Shoes for Summer!

I love getting new shoes! But especially running shoes. It's like Christmas opening up a new box
 of shoes. I really enjoy running (although I haven't been doing it as much lately) and I at least get a
new pair of running shoes every year. Some people get new running shoes several times a year
and then some people have the same pair they wore in the 90s! (it's ok...I'm sure you're not the
only one :) But one year works for me Do you guys have your favorite places to buy new running shoes?

Well I've got some places that have great offers for their shoes! offers deals 
on 20,000+ items as well as free shipping deals. Down below I'm sharing some of my favorite
 deals for shoes that I found at Coohpons. Click on each store to get Coohpon's deals!

Up to 70% off the latest 6pm deals! I love these ASICS!

With these Saucony's I can get an extra 15% off.

20% off new Finish Line purchases, such as these Nike's!

Free shipping and 20% off. Definitely interested in these Brooks!

10% off any order and free shipping! Need some bright running shoes?

Happy running!


  1. I'm totally in the market for new running shoes! I'm going to have to check out some of these offers!


  2. You KNOW I need new running shoes haha! Thanks for the tip girlfrand xo


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