Jessica Mae: SUNFLOWERS make me SMILE

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Man, these past three weeks have been crazy! A last minute flight to North Carolina. Then a weekend trip to Denver so Dallin could take the MCAT! I seriously cannot believe all the late night studying and 5 hour tests every Saturday are over. Haha thank goodness ;) Denver was fun. I've never been there, but we took advantage of exploring downtown and going to the Denver Zoo. Weekend getaways are always nice.

 I love me a simple outfit :) An outfit that I feel comfortable in, an outfit I could wear everyday. This outfit is one of those! It's simple, but the sunflowers pop. Sunflowers just make me happy. They're bright and to me they speak Summer.

Top- Forever 21(sold out) // similar


  1. Lovely outfit - your hair looks really pretty as well! :)

    1. Linked the wrong thing: :)

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