Jessica Mae: All Hallows Eve Decor

Monday, October 20, 2014

All Hallows Eve Decor

This past weekend my sister in law and I put together a Halloween party. I would have to say it was awesome! We had so much great food, the decorations were amazing (it was Hallows Eve themed), and we even had a haunted walk through! Thanks to Dallin and Jeremy for all of their help putting that up. It was mostly a social event which is exactly how we wanted it except for one game. We played the name game Halloween style and that was also a blast! We made homemade root beer with dry ice which had the perfect eerie effect. I would have to say I'm obsessed with the decorations we came up with. We used what we had from home and some dollar store things. Here are some pics! I wish I took more, but oh well. And click on the link above to see our little haunted walk through.

We went as David and Victoria Beckham :)


  1. Oh the decorations look so good!!

  2. The decorations look so great! I can't wait till I am back in our own place against to throw parties like these!


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