Jessica Mae: That Green Smoothie Tho...

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

That Green Smoothie Tho...

I don't ever say tho...though :)

Here I am drinking my green smoothie thinking about New Year's resolutions...oh wait I'm already eating healthy and it's not even the New Year yet! Double points for me! 

Ok, ok... it's only because I know I'll be eating lemon meringue pie tonight and my dad made it for me. So really no double points for me. But hey it's better than nothing right??

I think back on this past year and wonder if I've grown any. I wonder if I have made any changes for the better. And well... I believe I have, but there is always room for improvement. For 2015 I don't want to just make resolutions, you know the things that will go on a list and sometimes stay there. I want to actually make personal changes that better me as a person and that can better people around me. And sometimes I think the best resolutions are to continue doing the things you're already glad you're doing.

LAST YEAR- We loved each other and went on dates.
THIS YEAR- I want to have more date nights, more spur of moment adventures, and overall more time together. To continue to grow in our marriage and improve in all aspects.

 LAST YEAR- I would text my brothers every month or so to say hi.
THIS YEAR- I will call them to have full conversations with them to catch up.

LAST YEAR- I would tell my parents I love them.
THIS YEAR- I want to really let them know how much I appreciate them and how much they really mean to me.

LAST YEAR- I lost two of the most important people in my life.
THIS YEAR-I will continue to remember them and continue to let loved ones in my life know how much they mean to me. I don't want to regret time that was lost with any of my loved ones.

LAST YEAR- I spent some time with my mom.
THIS YEAR- I want to do even more things together. Things that she enjoys and things that I enjoy doing.

LAST YEAR-I drank green smoothies
THIS YEAR- I need to drink even MORE green smoothies and really try to better my body's health.

LAST YEAR-I made some really great friends.
THIS YEAR- I want to stay keeping in touch and continue making lifelong friendships with them.

LAST YEAR- I went to the gym some.
THIS YEAR- Pretty simple...I'm going to go more.

LAST YEAR- I cherished the beautiful things around me.
THIS YEAR- I want to keep cherishing and take more pictures of my surroundings.

LAST YEAR- Dallin took the MCAT.
THIS YEAR- He won't be taking the MCAT....

because THIS YEAR- he will be going to medical school. I want to really make the best of this year and embrace the new adventure that we will be going on!

So cheers to the New Year and to bettering ourselves!


  1. i love this post! it's such a great idea :)


  2. great post, hope your new year is bright, sounds like you have a lot of exciting things coming your way :)

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