Jessica Mae: My 6 Essentials for a Road Trip

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My 6 Essentials for a Road Trip

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One of my favorite things to do is to get out of the "norm". As in my weekly, regular schedule. So I love going on road trips. A time to go do something fun, relax, or as I get out of the house! I always have my routine to getting ready for a road trip. The house has to be clean when we leave, the car needs to be taken care of, and I need to have my essentials.

I'm not going to lie, getting the oil changed can be such a pain. It really is the last thing I want to do, but let me let you in on a little secret. Go to Walmart to get your oil changed. Hitting two birds with one stone. While my car is being worked on, I go into Walmart to get my road trip essentials.

I didn't know much about getting my oil changed. I usually go for the cheapest, but the guys who worked there were so nice and helpful. We've got some miles on our car so they suggested getting the High Mileage Vehicle so that's what I did. They change it with Pennzoil products and the high mileage helps with oil leakage that can come with cars with high mileage. And the guys were so fun. very friendly and I honestly had a good time with them :)

Now what are my essentials??

1. Get a oil change! Of course. Since our car is getting up in the high miles we try to make sure we our on top of our oil changes, especially before a road trip.

2. Camera. I definitely have to document our trips. If you don't own a camera, during your oil change you can go grab a disposable from inside Walmart.

3. Car Games. We are a fan of mad libs. We've been close to tears with some of the funny mad lips that we've read. It makes the time go by fast! Something else to grab inside of Walmart :)

4. Fruit (snacks). Some yummy and healthy snacks for the trip. I love me some grapes.

5. Map. No one uses paper maps anymore...except my father in law ;) So we have our GPS, but I think it would be fun to use a paper map and then with a marker draw out your route and then keep it in a photo album or save it for another trip.

6. MUSIC. Gotta have my music. Dallin and I like to have our music playing, but we do have different tastes in music. We are usually pretty good at switching and sometimes in between we will play songs we both enjoy and belt out for the other cars to hear :)

What are some of your favorite road trip essentials?? Don't forget to stop by your local Walmart Automotive Center to update your car oil!

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Car photos by-Jeremy Lindstrom


  1. I am all about road trips, too! Time to swing through Walmart to get an oil change...and I'll pick up a couple extra maps while I'm there. Thanks for sharing! #client

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