Jessica Mae: I've got Floral on my Mind

Monday, March 9, 2015

I've got Floral on my Mind

Hello daylight savings. Such a bittersweet welcoming. No thanks for making me lose a hour of sleep, but I do appreciate the sun staying out longer. And yes, I am dreaming of flowers. Spring is almost here! This week is going to be so nice here as well! Going up into the 60s. Hallelujah! A little update...


-I've been crammed with homework and studying every single day. Seriously doing homework all of the time.

-I've been pretty sick. Better now, but it was quite miserable.

-Craving anything sweet.

-Started watching House of Cards. Kevin Spacey is incredible.

-I've been going crazy trying to sell all of our furniture for the big move in May.

-I haven't been wearing any makeup to school and it has been so refreshing.

-Waking up has been so difficult. All I want to do is sleep!

-I've been obsessed with coconut flavored things.

-I've really been missing teaching Zumba.


  1. House of Cards is awesome, it's why we decided DC for our graduation trip!

  2. Oh my gosh, waking up has been tough on me too. And having dogs that cuddle with me once I wake up doesnt help! LOL
    I love your outfit by the way and I think I "need" that hat :)


  3. Cheers for later light nights, even though the dark mornings are rough!

  4. I love this outfit! Isn't Kevin Spacey one of the best actors?! He nails that character #addicted.

    1. Thanks so much! And yes! We seriously watch the series because of him and he's so good at it!

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