Jessica Mae: D & J

D & J

This is the story of how Dallin and Jessica met.

We met in April 2009 in Rexburg, Idaho. I was going to school there and that is where Dallin is from. We can thank his brother for introducing us. His older brother served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in my hometown, Wilmington, North Carolina. He became close with our family. When he got off his mission I was out at school and he invited a group over from the mission. That is where it all began! Everyone was at the table eating dinner and I could not take my eyes off that "other guy".

Smitten by his looks and his charm, by the end of the night I ended up giving him my number. Guess what...he called! We saw each other pretty much everyday for 3 months when the day July 14, 2009 sadly came. Dallin left for Capetown, South Africa for 2 years to serve his mission. It was a sad time for me. He had become my best friend in such a short time.

Well we wrote letters back and forth for 2 years. When he returned in July of 2011 we actually did not hit it off right away. Took a few months to get back to normal and once that happened we were inseparable! We got engaged January 20, 2012 and then I married my best friend on July 14, 2012 in the Raleigh LDS Temple. I couldn't be happier!

We currently live in Provo, Utah. We like to take advantage of things to do here in Utah because we won't be here forever!




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