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Thanks for you interest in sponsoring North Carolina Grown!
I started my blog in October 2012 and it has grown very rapidly.
I love working with companies/bloggers! Let me know what I can do to best help you.

 -If you would like me to feature or review a product, send me a link and I will look over that product and decide if it is something that fits my style or view. That way I can give my honest opinion.

-If you would like me to do a giveaway of your product, please e-mail me with the details of the giveaway. I will let you know within the week if it I'm able to do it. I will set up the giveaway and include all social media links as desired, as well as my thoughts on the product or service.

 Stats as of 6/29/15
GFC Followers-1,217

Ad Spots

 Large Ad (300x250)-Includes: Option of guest post, product review, or giveaway. Social media shout outs. Will be placed at the top of all ads. Will run for 1 month.

Medium Ad-(250x250)-Includes: Option of guest post, product review, or giveaway. Will run for 1 month.

Small Ad-(200x200)- Includes: Option of guest post. Will run for 1 month.

For any questions or inquiries just send me an e-mail!

-prices are subject to change-

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  1. I would love to swap buttons with you!

  2. When you are done designing my beautiful new blog I would love to swap buttons with you!

  3. I am completely in love with your blog! Would you be open to a button swap?

  4. We're twins! I started my blog last October too!

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